PySpice v0.3.0 Released


Dec. 15, 2015

PySpice Python Spice

This new PySpice release features fixes for bugs reported by users and brings two new nice features.

I added an example to show how to use the NgSpice Shared Simulation Mode, which permits to implement voltage or current sources in Python (or even in C). This feature paves the way to complex mixed-mode simulation. We can for example implement the logic part of a micro-controller in Python and the analogue model of an input/output and the board circuit in Spice. Another more funky application would be to feed an Hendrix PCM sample from Python, simulate a wah-wah in Spice and get back the output in Python.

I also completed the Spice netlist parser and added some examples. Thus we could now use a schematic editor like Kicad to simplify the writing of a complex circuit. The program cir2py provides a circuit to Python translator.

In conclusion, this PySpice release provides a nice alternative to LtSpice since we could use a schematic editor and we have a powerful data analysis environment competitive with Matlab. It is less ambitious than Qucs, but it just works!