Image Processing

Committed Python 3 fixes and an Numpy bridge for Mamba Image


Jan. 15, 2015


First contributions to Mamba Image: Python 3 support and an Numpy bridge.

Now I have a fresh Github repository for Mamba Image Processing Library, I started to commit some changes including:

  • fixes for Pillow,
  • support of Python 3 using the six module and __future__ so as to don't break Python 2,
  • a Numpy bridge that hide the internal layout of Mamba's images and permits to exchange easily data from Numpy and Mamba. See the file examples/ to know how to use it.

The most difficult task to port Mamba to Python 3 was the translation of the division operator to integer division at the right place. Thanks to included test suite, I could check I don't introduced bugs in Mamba.